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Discovering Jerzu Antichi Poderi, history, culture, aromas, flavours and people.

Our guide will take you on a tour of the winery among the ancient locals telling you the story of its foundation and its founder. You will cross the "horizontal" cellar with the concrete wine tanks and, after climbing some stairs, you will reach the wine oak vat cellar and the barrique cellar where the wine is refined; an immersion into the culture of the new museum centre and straight to the wine shop for the tasting of our wines and the tasting of typical products of the Ogliastra territory in a continuum of sensations, aromas and flavors.



Visitors who will pass to our wineshop, will have the opportunity to enter and have a look at the barrel room for free and taste the wine of the day, chosen by our sales staff.




It is possible to  book a tour and a tasting by choosing between two options:

  • Antichi Poderi Selection
  • Antichi Poderi Founder

To better organise your tour, we suggest you to fill in the info form. Together with our staff you will find the solution that best meets your needs.

At least 24 hours advanced reservation.




It includes a guided tour

and a 2 wines tasting



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  • vermentino di sardegna doc

Opening hours:
from Monday to Friday. It is necessary to agree upon a precise time.

about 45 minutes for Selection

about 1 hour for Founder

Foreign languages: English, Spanish

Credit cards accepted.


  • cannonau di sardegna doc
  • vermentino di sardegna doc
  • cannonau di sardegna riserva doc
  • vermentino di sardegna doc
  • cannonau marghia



It includes a guided tour 

and a 4 wines tasting 




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